Native access MooseFS file system from Windows - plugin for Total Commander - mfs4tc


Actual version (1.7.29) features:
  • browse the contents of a directory,
  • create directories,
  • remove directories,
  • remove files,
  • change attributes of directories and files,
  • set amount of security copies (goal),
  • rename files and directories,
  • copy files from MooseFS to Windows,
  • copy files from Windows to MooseFS,
  • copy files beetwen MooseFS servers.
Download plugin mfs4tc, and install it using instruction provided below. Instruction was prepared and checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 for Total Commander version 8.51a (32 and 64 bits). Total Commander can be downloaded from author site
Plugin is free for non commercial private usage.
Install plugin mfs4tc - step 1

Download plugin, then "find" it using Total Commander, and press ENTER.

Install plugin mfs4tc - step 2

Total Commander will ask you: Do you want to install plugin... of course press YES.

Install plugin mfs4tc - step 3

Total Commander propose default installation plugin directory, please accept it.

Install plugin mfs4tc- step 4

If all files are copied to installation directory then Total Commander will display list of installed file system plugins.
Click OK to close and go to Network by clicking LEFT ALT + F1.

Install plugin mfs4tc- step 5

On the list you should see MooseFS plugin.

Install plugin mfs4tc - step 6

Move cursor on it and press ENTER or double click mouse on it.
Now you must define new connection.

Plugin mfs4tc - define connection - step 1

Press F7 and enter connection name.

Plugin mfs4tc - define connection - step 2

Enter server name or IP address. For default plugin proposes name mfsmaster.
Then we provide port on which serwer listen for connection, for standard this port has number 9421.
Password enter only, if it's required. It will be necessary to provide UID (default 0 - root user)
and GID (default 0 - wheel group). UID and GID are sent to server on each operation.
Finally we decide what attributes will new directories and files receive.

Plugin mfs4tc - define connection - step 3

We finished defining connection, then we can add new by pressing F7 or remove by pressing F8.
To connect select connection and press ENTER or double click with mouse connection name.

Plugin mfs4tc - example view of connection with MooseFS server

Example view of connection with MooseFS server.

Plugin mfs4tc - change attributes

After pressing ALT + ENTER we can change attributes of directories and files, and set number of security copies (goal).

Plugin mfs4tc - copy file

After pressing F5 we can copy files from MooseFS server to Windows, and from Windows to MooseFS server.