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2.1.3 2014-04-08 1 035 6.58 MB Download
2.1.2 2013-12-13 1 080 645.89 KB Download
2.1.0 2013-10-20 787 607.17 KB Download
2.0.8 2013-10-12 723 590.86 KB Download
2.0.5 2013-07-07 3 029 238.47 KB Download
2.0.4 2012-10-28 1 140 482.65 KB Download
2.0.3 2012-07-29 1 255 481.35 KB Download
1.1.11 2011-09-04 3 074 477.17 KB Download
1.1.9 2011-04-24 1 177 474.05 KB Download
1.1.7 2011-02-06 651 44.98 KB Download
1.1.5 2011-01-09 828 44.28 KB Download
1.1.4 2010-11-28 769 44.82 KB Download
1.1.1 2010-07-25 465 40.88 KB Download
1.1.0 2010-06-26 371 84.44 KB Download

Change Log

Add function libvlc_reset_function_pointers(force : Boolean = FALSE)

  inspired by: Marcio Wesley Borges
Fix get address of function libvlc_vlm_set_enabled
  reported by: Marcio Wesley Borges
Repair bug in function WmMediaPlayerPositionChanged (32bit)

  Reported by John Brookman

Add new functions:


  Written by John Brookman
Clean code in event handlers

Rewrite OnMediaChanged event handler
Now report current media MRL

  Requested by: Eduan Slabbert
Remove dead code, and unused variales

Add better support for Delphi XE2 and up

  correct field align in event_t structure
  rewrite event handling functions
Add 64 bit demo compiled with Delphi XE2

  this demo request 64 bit VideoLAN
Check compatibility with version 2.1.2

Repair bug

  function TPasLibVlcPlayer.GetVideoHeight(): LongInt;
  return wideo width not height, now return video height
  Reported by: Dr Christoph Camphausen
New properties

Add new functions from libvlc 2.1.0


Verify compatibility with libvlc 2.1.0:

  FUNCTION libvlc_audio_set_volume NOT WORK
  EXCEPTION Invalid floating point operation.

  Read more on VideoLAN forum:

Add conditional code compilation for support Delphi 4

Include demos source code and binary compiled with:

  Delphi 4 standard (2 demo)
  Delphi 2007 (5 demo)
  Lazarus 1.0.12 - FreePascal 2.6.2 (4 demo)
Add support for FPC LCL QT4 and FPC LCL GTK2 (LINUX, WIN)
Test: Kubuntu + VLC 2.0.8 and Windows XP SP3 + VLC 2.0.8

Add unified function for display player in window


FPC For Windows : LCL GTK2+, LCL QT4, WIN32
FPC For Linux : LCL GTK2+, LCL QT4

Improve function for search

Verify compatibility with libvlc 2.0.8
Fix incorrect position of MouseEventWinCtrl if Player
placed inside TPanel control aligned to right side of form.

Simple video callbacks demo

Track bars in demo programs to use functions:


Rewrite events handling

Add new properties:

  OsdShow default true
  SpuShow default true
  SnapshotPrv default false
Add conditional code compilation for support Delphi 7

Add simple example: toggle full screen and back
Add compiler options {$A4,Z4}
Add property TPasLibVlcPlayer.StartOptions
Now each player component use own instance of libvlc.
Add critical section to improve calls from event handlers
now property TPasLibVlcPlayer.UseEvents default FALSE
fix bug in TPasLibVlcPlayer.function EventsEnable:
if (p_mi = NIL) then -> if (p_mi <> NIL) then
add function TPasLibVlcPlayer.Stop
add try..finally in TPasLibVlcPlayer.Destroy
compatibile with Lazarus

new component: TPasLibVlcMediaList

new functions:

  SetPlayRate() - change current play rate
  GetPlayRate() - return current play rate
simple help for play YouTube video links

new functions:

support for version 1.1.5
support for unicode file names    
correct creation of VCL at runtime, error: control '' has no parent window

add new properties:

support for version 1.1.4
functiuons to set/get Audio Volume Level
Change PChar to PAnsiChar